The newsletter is the most efficient means to remain in contact with the membership. The by-laws empower the trustees to publish a newsletter on a regular basis, and for the past twenty years or so, that has been done annually. The newsletter contains information on people and events that effect the Apgars. It contains highlights of the meetings of the trustees during that year; a recap of the prior year's reunion; items that are for sale; a list of births, deaths, and marriages of our members and their families; and includes photos taken at the reunion and those submitted by the membership to accompany articles about our members and members of their families.

Visit our online Archive for prior issues.

Because it is produced by a team of volunteers, it is rarely published by the same date each year, but that remains one of our goals. Information on the current officers and trustees, including addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses, is always included as a way for members to contact us with news, questions or comments about our organization and its members.

Information to be included in the newsletter is always sought and encouraged from the membership. If someone in your family has done something newsworthy, we”d like to know about it. If you have pictures of family members, we”d like to share them.

A past issue featured an article about the United States Postal Services honoring Dr. Virginia Apgar with a commemorative stamp issued in her honor. Another issue featured an article about a member being honored by his state”s governor for service to his state and community. We cannot find out all of this information on our own. We have no paid staff to research and write stories, and no paid photographers to run around shooting pictures. We rely on information and photos provided to us by members, and we encourage submission of ANY ideas, however remote. We also take no stand on any political issue of any kind. We report news of, about, and by Apgars, period.

We do not accept any advertisements, nor endorse any issue that is not relevant to our purpose: the continuation and preservation of Apgar family history. If you have anything you would like us to consider for an upcoming issue, send it to any of our trustees.

If you are a member of the Apgar Family Association, Inc., your annual association dues entitles you to a copy of the newsletter, which you will automatically receive when it gets published. If not already a member but would like to become one, visit the Membership page for more information. To receive a copy of the next newsletter, without becoming a member, the cost is $3.00. Contact our membership director for more information.