Apgar Family Reunion

Hello! We're less than one week away from the 2023 Apgar Family Reunion on Saturday, September 16th.

If you are going to the Stanton Grange, we look forward to seeing you in person.
If you are joining online, we look forward to seeing you virtually.

Zoom times in two parts (before and after lunch)

- 10:45am to 12:15pm EST https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85096044855?pwd=Y1FRcWg3emhoOWFmUk1rNVhxYmRRQT09

- 1:55pm to 4:00pm EST) https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87658396639?pwd=NmhqSmlIU1Fjb0FnNGNPb0tOWUJLZz09

Feel free to forward these links, no password is required. All are welcome!

Along other notes, the board of trustees hopes you enjoyed the annual Apgar Family Association newsletter this summer. Hank Apgar did another fabulous job of editing and producing the newsletter, which was sent to over 440 different family members across the United States.
For those who want to send in your annual dues, please mail them to Lynn Conley, 51 High St, E. Rutherford, NJ 07073.

Google maps for the reunion venue (starting at 10am) https://goo.gl/maps/eJvLLUKvENo7oyPn9?coh=178573&entry=tt

Facebook page for the Apgar Family https://www.facebook.com/groups/49384587545

And our website http://www.apgarfamily.org/

If any questions for joining via Zoom, please reach out to chris.apgar@outlook.com or john@apgar.co.

The board & trustees are looking forward to seeing you next Saturday either at the Grange or virtually!

Album Finds New Home

Submitted By: 

Mary Donnellan via Wayne Apgar

This album was found in 2007 in an Adirondack Camp called the Owls Nest, which is located off 4 H road in North River, NY. The cabin was built in 1930.

Since posting this over four years ago, no one has claimed ownership. Shortly it will be on it's way to the Hunterdon County Historical Society in Flemington NJ, where it will be maintained in it's manuscript collection.

Apgars In America Who are Making or Made a Difference in America

From the Name Game played at the 2015 Annual Reunion.

  1. William (Bill) Apgar, Ph.D. -- Assist. Sec. of Housing-HUD-FHA, now senior scholar at the Kennedy School of Government-Harvard.
  2. Virginia Apgar -- Developed a simple procedure using last name to determine the health of newborns.
  3. Peter Apgar (1.2) -- Served with the 4th Regiment in Revolutionary War.
  4. Conrad Apgar -- Ran a Tavern in Cokesbury and was a wagoner for the Continental Army.
  5. Mahlon Apgar IV -- Assistant Secretary of the Army, 1998, Established at West Point/Naval/Air Force Academy-The Apgar Medallion & Excellence in Teaching Award.
  6. Garry Apgar, PhD -- PhD in History from Yale University author of book "Mickey Mouse: Emblem of the American Spirit".
  7. Jacob M. Apgar -- Served in the Mexican-American War.
  8. Milo B. Apgar -- Settled in Montana, established Apgar Village.
  9. Charles E. Apgar -- Known as the "Wireless Wizard".
  10. Robert Apgar Champine -- On the Wall of Honor at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.
  11. James Apgar, BA, MA -- American Bach Soloist- BA Yale, MA Berkeley.
  12. Jonathan Apgar, Esq. -- 23rd Judicial Circuit Judge 1997-2013; moonlights as a Jazz Singer.
  13. Mike Apgar ( -- Co-founder of Ookl-Speedtest.net measures broadband speed for Fortune 500 companies.
  14. Austin C. Apgar -- Published books on Trees/ Birds used at many colleges and universities.
  15. Edgar K. Apgar -- Influenced the nomination of Grover Cleveland for 22nd President of the United States.

Identification of Graves on the Apgar Homestead

The video documenting the search for graves on the Apgar Homestead have been uploaded to YouTube. Be sure to check out our new YouTube channel: ApgarFamily.

This video was shown at the 2008 Apgar Family Reunion. The following article concerning the graves appeared in our Summer 2006 newsletter.

The "Apgar Homestead" is situated just south of the Town of Cokesbury in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. The remains of the immigrant patriarchs of the Apgar family were interred there more than two centuries ago. A mystery, until now, was exactly where they were buried.

The current deed to the property on which the "Homestead" was built, includes a statement "excepting out of the premises above described one square rood, where Harbert Apgar, deceased, is buried." However, a further notation states that: "There is no physical evidence of a grave on Lot 1.02."

In 2005, we arranged for a geophysical survey of the property and identified three graves. They are about 100 feet from the back of the homestead. Because of the arrangement of the graves and other family records, we believe that they are the final resting places of Fritz Epgert, his wife Anna Eva Schaefer, and his oldest son, Herbert. Arrangements to place permanent markers on the graves is being discussed with David Mills, the owner of the homestead.

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