3. John Adam Apgar, a/k/a Adam Apgar

b. circa 1741, d. 4 April 1815.

m. 27 October 1763, Anna Barbara Manning.

3.1. Ana Eva Apgar, b. 1764, m. John Hoffman
3.2. Anna Margaret 3.3. Jacob Apgar, b. 1769, m. Elizabeth Rowe
3.4. Peter Apgar, b. 6 September 1771, d. young.
3.5. Peter Adam Apgar, b. 1773, m. Ann Stout
3.6. Catherine Apgar, b. 1775, m. William Philhower
3.7. William Apgar, b. 1777, m. Elsa Catherine Hoffman
3.8. John Apgar, b. 1779, m. Ann Alpaugh
3.9. Elizabeth Apgar, b. 1782, m. William A. Apgar (1.2.1.)
3.10. Mary Apgar, b. 1785, m. Nicholas Wyckoff
3.11. Johannes Adam Apgar, Jr., b. 1790, m. Catherine Potter

In 1779, a tavern license was issued to Adam Apgar. At that time, Adam was renting the Cokesbury Tavern, or Hotel, built by John Farley. Later, Adam gave his hotel business to his younger brother, Conrad. He then procured some farm land on Petticoat Lane in Cokesbury, NJ Eventually, Adam and his wife, Anna Barbara, acquired two hundred and fifty acres of good farm land in the village of Cokesbury, NJ It was situated just beyond the location of the present Mountain View Cemetery in Cokesbury, NJ With the exception of son John, all of Adam's family stayed in New Jersey. On 4 April 1815, Adam went to the spring to fetch a pail of water. He must have tripped or slipped, because he was found lying face down in the water of the spring. An inquest was held, according to the records. It was decided that he had not met with foul play, and that his death was accidental. When his estate was settled, Nicholas Wyckoff was appointed attorney by the heirs. Nicholas was referred to, by them, as "their trusty friend". They agreed that the homestead farm should be sold, and the proceeds divided equally. This would mean that those who were then living on the farm would have to leave or pay rent. Nicholas sold the farm to William C. Apgar, son of Herbert, for $3,000.00.