Apgars In America Who are Making or Made a Difference in America

From the Name Game played at the 2015 Annual Reunion.

  1. William (Bill) Apgar, Ph.D. -- Assist. Sec. of Housing-HUD-FHA, now senior scholar at the Kennedy School of Government-Harvard.
  2. Virginia Apgar -- Developed a simple procedure using last name to determine the health of newborns.
  3. Peter Apgar (1.2) -- Served with the 4th Regiment in Revolutionary War.
  4. Conrad Apgar -- Ran a Tavern in Cokesbury and was a wagoner for the Continental Army.
  5. Mahlon Apgar IV -- Assistant Secretary of the Army, 1998, Established at West Point/Naval/Air Force Academy-The Apgar Medallion & Excellence in Teaching Award.
  6. Garry Apgar, PhD -- PhD in History from Yale University author of book "Mickey Mouse: Emblem of the American Spirit".
  7. Jacob M. Apgar -- Served in the Mexican-American War.
  8. Milo B. Apgar -- Settled in Montana, established Apgar Village.
  9. Charles E. Apgar -- Known as the "Wireless Wizard".
  10. Robert Apgar Champine -- On the Wall of Honor at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.
  11. James Apgar, BA, MA -- American Bach Soloist- BA Yale, MA Berkeley.
  12. Jonathan Apgar, Esq. -- 23rd Judicial Circuit Judge 1997-2013; moonlights as a Jazz Singer.
  13. Mike Apgar ( -- Co-founder of Ookl-Speedtest.net measures broadband speed for Fortune 500 companies.
  14. Austin C. Apgar -- Published books on Trees/ Birds used at many colleges and universities.
  15. Edgar K. Apgar -- Influenced the nomination of Grover Cleveland for 22nd President of the United States.