William Apgar : Family Sheet

Birth:       1752
Gender:       Male
Occupation:       Blacksmith
Died:       9 April 1836
Notes:       William C. was a blacksmith by trade. He probably also farmed as he had a family of 12 to feed. Eventually, William and Catherine bought land along the Brunswick Pike, about halfway between Perryville and Clinton, NJ. Here, William hoped to gain trade from shoeing the stagecoach horses that traversed the Pike from Easton to New Brunswick, NJ.

By this time the church in Potterstown had fallen into disuse, so William and Catherine attended the Bethlehem Presbyterian Church in nearby Grandin, NJ According to records of this church, William supplied "coles" for each church service. This meant that he, or one of his
Father:       Friedrich Epgert
Mother:       Anna Eva Schaefer
Family:       Catherine Pickel, b. 1752, d. 9 December 1831
  1. Joanna Gertrude Apgar
  2. Hannah Apgar
  3. Elizabeth Apgar
  4. Nicholas P. Apgar, b. 28 June 1779, d. 1816
  5. James Apgar, b. 1781, d. 1819
  6. William Apgar, b. 29 October 1782, d. 14 November 1853
  7. Elizabeth Apgar, b. 12 June 1785, d. 17 February 1876
  8. Sarah Apgar, b. 12 June 1785, d. 11 September 1868
  9. Catherine Apgar
  10. Nancy Apgar, b. 12 July 1792, d. 12 March 1848
  11. William Apgar
  12. George Pickel Apgar, b. 1799, d. 6 December 1864