Understanding User Accounts

The Apgar Family Association is composed of two parts:
1. General section, which is where you accessed this page from.
2. Family tree section, which is where the genealogy records are stored.

Each section of the site requires different software. While there are some similarities, they are very different -- kind of like comparing what you can do in a document editor to what you can do in a spreadsheet.

Unfortunately, at the current time the two parts of our site cannot talk to each other. Which means that two different log-ins are needed. To simplify things, the user name is the same for both. But it is up to you to keep the passwords the same, if you want them to be.

This has cause confusion for many members. Hopefully this guide will help.

If you have a question pertaining to logging on that isn't answered, you can email me. I will review the comments received to see how this guide can be improved.